design & decor

Do you have a space that you aren’t happy with? Is the layout funny? Do you just need a change or an update?

Consult: $60 / hr.

Do-it-yourself consultation

Are you an avid DIYer? I love DIY people. You aren’t afraid of a little work and you want to take pride in knowing that you did it! But, sometimes, DIYers need help seeing the bigger picture or maybe they aren’t sure about style, resale value for their home, or even design and layout. They just want to use some cool tools. I can help ensure you stay on budget, on track, and make wise choices.

Consult fee: $60 / hr.

Design plans: $30

staging, Move-in ready,

or downsizing

Are you wanting to sell your home fast or for top dollar? Did you just move? Are you having trouble figure out how to place your things in your new space? Perhaps you are downsizing and can’t figure out how to make it all fit or what you should get rid of. I can help you make those tough decisions. Layout and presentation are very important for selling your home quickly. Potential buyers want to be able to picture themselves in your home.

Consult: $60

Install: $60/hr.

Air bnb staging

Are you trying to start an airbnb? Congratulation…so cool. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on furnishing it before you even start to earn anything. I can help with thrifty shopping. Facebook Marketplace, auctions, local thrift and consignment stores are great sources to furnish a place for less.

Consult: $60

Install: $60/hr.

shopping fee: $30


Maybe you have a great space and a good start but don’t know how to put that “designer look” together. Let me help you finish the look.

Consult: $60

Install: $60/hr

Shopping: $30

Paint selection:

Consult: $60